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The Perfect Diet

How to pick your perfect diet?

The number 1 problem with picking a diet for weight loss these days…is that there is one put in front of you several times a day which is ‘guaranteed’ to work for you. Whether that is an advert on Facebook, the TV, a banner on a fence on your way to work, or a friend, who says, it worked for me, it must work for you.

The very first thing we have to realise, is that everyone is different, and the body reacts differently to different foods, has different exercise routines, has different levels of daily activities, stress, jobs the list goes on. However that does not take away from the very fact, that every single diet that results in you losing weight and body fat has 1 thing in common, it contributes to you eating less calories.

We all know the fundamental principle that eating too much will result in putting weight on, but we all hope that there is a special formula or diet that we can follow, that helps us lose weight without having to work too hard on it.

Rule number 1, there is no right or wrong diet. The diet that works for you is the right diet for you, but will likely be the wrong diet for someone else.

The fundamental success of a diet is based around 3 aspects;

· You enjoy it

· You can stick to it

· It is adhering to the key principles regarding fat loss

If you can get all the 3 of the above right, you have won, you have found your diet, it doesn’t even need to have a name. You can call it what you want. To often we have to make something fit…..


‘What diet are you following?’

‘It doesn’t have a name, I just eat a bit less of this, and a bit more of that, and I eat at these times, and I have a glass on wine on a Friday.’

‘But it must have a name?’



When working on a diet to suit our lifestyle, it needs to be practical. Trying to create eating habits, that quite simply aren’t suitable to your lifestyle, isn’t going to work long term. An example of this, if you are super busy in the morning, don’t try to create an elaborate highly nutritious breakfast that will take 30mins prepare in the morning, chances are this will last a couple of days.

Yes it is very important to get the right micronutrients in your diet in order to maintain body health and function, but fit these in where it is suitable. Trying to force something that isn’t practical, will ultimately lead to failure.

Find foods you enjoy, make them fit into your life, don’t make your life fit into them, and go and create your own balanced diet to suit you!