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Sort Your Sh#t Out, and Start Developing Some Personal Philosophies.

It is no secret, those people who are successful, in any walk of life, are disciplined, action takers and follow rules…. Their own rules! Sound a bit military like? A bit strict, it doesn’t have to be.

Personal Philosophies help you to create your own rules to live by. They are an extension of your personal values, your identity. You will even have some already. One way to find out what they are, if you don’t already know them. Ask people. Ask those closest to you. How do they view you?

If you want to progress, start exploring your personal philosophies, and start creating your life rules to push yourself forward life. One of the biggest problems I have seen, is people make decisions, based on the opinion’s of other people. Stop it! Making a decision based on someone else judgement, is beyond ridiculous. If this is you, have a think about it this for a minute, and how ludicrous it sounds. You will not doing something in your life, because you care about the judgement of someone else.

How will these rules help? They will help give you a clearer vision of where you want to go. When the pressure is on, or you are cornered into making decisions and choices, the stronger your Philosophies are, they more instinctive and easier it becomes to make the ‘correct’ decision for you. Rather than be a person who is easily influenced, distracted and led into temptations, you will regret later on. You will become a person, who’s decisions become autonomous. When things become autonomous, as long as your philosophies align with your values, you will begin to make many more good decisions, rather than bad ones.

Want to become better at making decisions. Start small. Once you have your philosophies aligned. Start making decisions quicker. More often than not, your instinct will be right. And even if it is not. You can course correct later on. Want to make a successful decision, early on in your day. When our alarm goes off tomorrow, turn it off, and get out of bed. Don’t lie there and think about getting up. Just get up. Make the decision quick. The alarm has gone off, to tell you it is time to get out bed. Not time to lie there and think about getting up. You will be highly surprised at the impact this has on your day. That quick decision, will lead to future quick decisions, as more often than not, based on instinct, the correct decision.

My challenge to you. Take some time, to create yourself some personal philosophies. Write them down. This is important. We have around 60,000 thoughts a day apparently. Thinking about these philosophies is not enough, if you are serious about using them. Write them in your phone notes, on a piece of paper, somewhere they will pop up. Want to make better decisions and sort your sh#t out. Make a decision now, to write some philosophies.



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