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Power Recovery Smoothie

There is a growing amount of evidence that shows the body essentially ‘craves’ good nutritional food after exercise. Regardless of your overall goal of exercise, recovery should be high on your priority list, to keep you exercising optimally and injury free. For a lot of us, getting in a good meal within an hour of finishing our daily exercise, can be tricky. That is where a smoothie can help. It can be pre prepared, very time effective, and can pack a real punch in terms of nutritional value.

This is one of my favourites. Packed with good protein, carbs, electrolytes and healthy fats, and above all, it tastes great.

Coconut Milk

The benefits of coconut milk are almost endless. Besides it relatively low calorie content, it is packed with antioxidants, electrolytes and healthy fats. It contributes to gastrointestinal health, healthy hair and skin, promotes fat loss and strengthens the immune system.


A banana, loaded with fibre, easily digested and full of potassium. Banana’s contain fast absorbing carbs to help promote recovery quickly after training. This combination of nutrients and vitamins helps reduce next day soreness known as DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness. The sore feeling in your muscles after a hard workout, that makes you walk funny for days, and question if it is all really worth it.


Let's be honest, Nutella tastes amazing, so let's get that in there. Along with a great taste, this mix of chocolate and hazelnuts comes with some other benefits, but let's be frank, we certainly aren't going to call it a highly nutritious addition. Containing hazelnut paste, the benefits of hazelnut include; heart health, reduce the risk of cancer, and aid in muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestive health.

The sugar contained helps restore glycogen levels, which will deplete during exercise. The addition of Cocoa also helps boost mood and stress.

Whey Protein

Fast absorbing protein. We all know the benefits of protein, the building blocks of the bodies muscles, and absolutely essential for anyone exercising and even those who aren't. The benefits of protein and in all honesty the absolute necessity regarding weight loss and muscle development is now beyond any doubt. Protein now comes in all varieties, including vegan, lactose free to make it available to use for everyone. The benefits of powdered protein, is the variety of flavours available, adding to the taste of the smoothie, and it’s speed of absorption. Broken down by the body quicker to aid quicker recovery. Unless you want to blend up a chicken breast?

Good Sources of

Protein, Carbohydrates, MCT, Vit C, Vit E, Potassium, Magnessium, Phosphorus

Other Options or Additions

· You can exchange coconut for a different variation of milk. Changing to full fat milk will help boost the calorie content for those looking at increasing size, or simply exchanging for Oat, Soy or Almond for different tastes and benefits is an option.

· The inclusion of fruits can help add different sugars, vitamins and fibre. A tip; opt for frozen to help with the consistency, and there is also some argument that frozen fruits hold the nutritional value better than the fresh variety.

· Exchanging Nutella for a nut butter also has potential health benefits, if you are willing to sacrifice the great taste of Nutella for a healthier almond butter, do so. Key thing to remember with nut butters, although loaded with healthy fats and an additional boost of protein, the are very calorie dense, so ensure you weigh out your portions accurately, if you are watching your calories.


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