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Why am I different from other Personal Trainers?

I am able to offer such a diverse array of fitness solutions, in group training, 1 on 1 training and online training, the experience I have developed, gives me 100% confidence in being able to help you achieve your goals. With a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and a military PTI background, I have a unique set of skills within the Health and Fitness industry unlike any other trainer.

Am I suitable for your exercise classes?

My exercise classes are suitable for absolutely all abilities, regardless of experience or fitness levels. They are designed to be all inclusive, and allow people to work within their own capacity whilst still pushing themselves to improve.

What is online coaching?

Online Coaching is a highly convenient and budget friendly way of having a Personal Trainer. I offer 2 means of online coaching, both in a social platform, and in a 1 to 1 environment. I pride my online coaching being highly personable, by using video calls and features to really get to know and understand you.

Can you guarantee results?

I CAN guarantee results, on the assumption you guarantee me effort and commitment. This programmes work, as long as you the client are willing to work.